22.4 trillion digits of pi

world record computation of pi

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Pi and the Prediction of Lunar Eclipses

Friday, July 28th, was a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our planetary system. Here in Switzerland we had…

Hexadecimal Digits are Correct

This week I’m attending a conference in Strasbourg. While following the opening plenary, I log in to the server, on…

Is π Normal?

The normality of pi is one of the remaining mysteries of the mathematical constant π. To understand the concept better,…

The Chudnovsky Formula

The formula used by y-cruncher to compute π is called after the Chudnovsky brothers, two mathematicians living in the United…

God Loves the Odd Number

In the late 17th century, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz discovered a beautiful series expansion of π/4 which only involves odd numbers….

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