My name is Peter and I’m living in Switzerland. I’m a Christian and particle physicist by education. If you’ve already read some posts, you’ll not be surprised that I’m interested in a wide range of topics including physics, theology, and computer science. I created this blog in my spare time after Dectris agreed to sponsor the hardware for a world record computation of π. The texts on this blog therefore do not necessarily reflect the view of my employer.

NZZ Online Screenshot, March 22, 2017

My interest in π dates back to my time at the Alte Kantonsschule in Aarau, where my math teacher had fixed several printouts full with digits of π at the walls of our class room. My friend and me tried to memorise the first digits of π, but I never managed to get beyond the 20 first digits. At the time of writing I’m working for Dectris developing fast digital X-ray detectors.

If you ever wondered about my profile’s nickname Pipi, let me clarify that it has nothing to do with π. This name was invented by my one and a half year old niece to simplify the pronunciation of my first name. If you like to learn the proper accentuation, listen to my niece:


Over the years, the pronunciation slightly changed and was extend to to Pipi de Pip. The authoritative reference for this version can be found here: