Despite its poor name (Babylon being the mother of earth’s abominations) I still enjoy using the WebGL framework babylonJS for creating 3D scenes. During the last weeks, I’ve been working on an antique scroll, which I plan to use for an online bible application. By now it is working well enough, so that I can use it to display the first million digits of pi in an attractive manner. Please assess yourselve, whether I succeeded in doing so! Here is the link:

Initially you can see the first few hundred digits of π on the scroll. While the scroll slowly rotates, more and more digits are added at the invisible backside of the scroll. With this trick I can display a virtually infinitly long text on a scroll of finite area. If you like, you can speed up the rotation by pressing the down key of your keyboard. In the status bar at the bottom of the screen you see, which digits of π are currently displayed on the center line of the scroll. I took the first million digits of pi from  This should be long enough even for the most patient visitors of the site.