Pi is not only 3.1415926535. Get all digits of my pi world record to create music, visualisations, games or scientific publications.

As announced in November 2016, I’ve computed 22.4 trillion digits of pi. All decimal digits are now available in the download section. If you have no idea what to do with all these digits, have a look at these inspirations.

Small data sets

If you’re only interested in the first thousand or the first million digits of pi, you can download them as text files (.txt) directly from the links below. Data sets with more digits are available from archive.org and from Google drive.

The one trillion digit data set

In November 2016 I made a data set with one trillion decimal digits available for download. The digits are saved as zip-compressed text files in chuncks of one hundred billion digits. Each file has a size of 43.7 Gigabytes. In total you have to download more than 430 Gigabytes.

All 22 459 157 718 361 decimal digits

Since February 2019 you can download all decimal digits from my Google drive account at DECTRIS. These are the original files from my world record computation in the compressed format of y-cruncher. You need to compile the DigitViewer provided by A. Yee in order to read these files. Each file contains 200 billion digits and has a size of 78 Gigabytes. The total size is 8.8 Terabytes. If you encounter permission issues, this could be due to restrictions imposed by your domain administrator. I have verified that the files can be accessed when not being logged in with a google account.

As an alternative to the possibly very long download, I can also copy the digits on disks and ship them per mail. If you’re interested in this option at the costs of the required disks (around 500 CHF), please send me a short notice.

Download up to 22.4 trillion digits of pi
Digits of Pi DecimalHexadecimalFormat
Ten (10)3.14159265353.243f6a8885 
One Thousand (103) pi_dec_1k.txt pi_hex_1k.txtText file
One Million (106) pi_dec_1m.txt pi_hex_1m.txtText file
One Billion (109)archive.org/…/Math_Constants archive.org/…/pi_hex_1bCompressed text file
One Trillion (1012) archive.org/…/pi_dec_1t not availableCompressed text files
All Digitsdrive.google.com/…XbKhLydrive.google.com/…y3ZCompressed binary files (.ycd)
More about my World Record
What to do with the digits of π?

With the digits of pi you can do more than calculating a circle’s circumference or area. If you need some inspiration about what you could do with all these digits of pi, here are some sites to look at:


Random walk based on pi: pi2e.ch/blog/2016/07/11/the-pi-protein/
3D scroll with the decimal digits of pi: pi2e.ch/blog/2017/07/14/the-pi-scroll/
Pi art by M. Krzywinski: mkweb.bcgsc.ca/pi/art/
Pi graphics by Cristian Vasile: fineartamerica.com/profiles/cristian-vasile


Pentatonic pi music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV1-AjwDJwM
Pi on a harmonic scale: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM-x3pUcdeo
Pi symphony: www.pisymphony.com/gpage.html


Normality test of pi: arxiv.org/abs/1612.00489v1
Fractal analysis of pi: arxiv.org/abs/1608.00430
Pi as random number generator: worldcomp-proceedings.com/proc/p2015/CSC2676.pdf


My own little game: pi2e.ch/blog/2018/11/08/the-pi-game/
Memorize digits of pi: www.sporcle.com/games/g/pi
Pi search: www.angio.net/pi/digits.htm
Pie decoration on pi day: www.buzzfeed.com/…-pie-ideas-recipes
Print one million digits on a mile long paper: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r3cEKZiLmg
Publish a book with the digits of pi: 3.141….eu/mein-pi-buch/

1000 Colored Digits of Pi